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Normandy Chicken Casserole
Main Dish

Normandy Chicken Casserole Recipe

I want you to know that I found the most amazing French recipe, that is so easy you can make it at home anytime you want that wonderful taste of French food with this classic Normandy Chicken Casserole Recipe. I have found a secret to making this recipe gluten-free and the best food anyone has …

UK Comfort food recipe

UK Comfort Food Recipe

This UK comfort food recipe is a wonderful main dish that comes from the early 18th century England. Reports have been recorded as early as 1762 you can read that here. This is a great recipe for people who want to try international food.  It originally was made like a meat and bread pudding (Yorkshire pudding) recipe. Over …

xtrema cookware set feature image

Xtrema Cookware Review (with video)

Recently I decided that I needed an upgrade in my kitchen, especially in my cookware. So, I researched with a fine-tooth comb and found the Xtrema ceramic cookware to be the safest and best of the ceramic cookware out there. I decided to share my findings in this Xtrema Cookware Review to help you in …